Is Eric Young Returning To NXT Tonight?

(Photo: WWE)

Reports were flying around a few weeks ago that former TNA World Champion Eric Young was spotted down in Florida, but it couldn't be confirmed if one of professional wrestling's hottest free agents would find himself again in the Full Sail Arena once again.

His recent tweets all but confirm his return to the black and gold embrace of NXT.

Taking to Twitter, the former World Champion said that tonight he will "answer all the questions" and thanked his fans and peers who have helped him along the way.

Young's return to NXT couldn't be more timely as the meaning of the Sanity vignette was revealed to be NXT's first real stable. It gives NXT that extra element wrestling fans have been asking for other than just another tag team or singles star. The members of Sanity was leaked over a month ago and they are to be led by Young himself, Nikki Storm, Alexander Wolfe, and Sawyer Fulton.


Giving Young such a role could be great for him to get him over without having to job to the bigger stars of NXT, but we're sure a collision with former Team Canada member Bobby Roode will have to be down the road for sure.