Jersey Shore Star Accuses WWE Superstar Carmella of Gimmick Infringement

One Jersey Shore star didn't take kindly to a recent WWE promo. Last week on Monday Night RAW, Carmella confronted SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan and Natalya, telling them to leave the ring and the spotlight to her. WWE shared the promo to its official Twitter account, using the caption, "Ummmm hellooooooooo, what about @CarmellaWWE???" Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick responded to the tweet, accusing Carmella of stealing her catchphrase. "Hey Carmella you're using my line!" Pivarnick wrote. "Wtf. Sooo you're from Staten [Island] and you're using 'ummmm hello' too? Hmmmmm." Despite Pivarnick's accusation, Carmella didn't actually use "um, hello" in her promo from this past Monday, as it was only used in the social media caption.

Pivarnick's tweet came during the early hours of July 5, and Carmella wouldn't respond until July 8.

The social media feud did not end there, as Pivarnick responded to the former SmackDown Women's Champion's gif by doubling down on her gimmick infringement claims. "You know exactly who I am and your whole gimmick is based off of me and Staten Island," Pivarnick wrote. "Please take several seats girl. Lol. Get your own s--t and cut the crap already. We spoke years ago when u first started with wwe lolllll. Bye."

As fans clamored for a Pivarnick vs. Carmella match at WWE SummerSlam, Carmella called upon Jersey Shore stars Jenni Farley and Snooki to "come get [their] girl."

WWE backstage announcer Kayla Braxton got in on the beef, spin-zoning Pivarnick's accusations as the reality television star trying to "leach on to the popularity and fame" of WWE.

Pivarnick clapped back at Braxton's tweet. "Woo lol girl first off who are u ? Secondly I've been around for 14 years and Carmella is around for 4/5 years relevant lolll," Pivarnick wrote. "I don't need fame off no one lol. No one gives a f--k about her reaction I told her to stop using my stuff as her gimmick that is all. Back up."

Pivarnick certified that she's happy to step into WWE's world to put an end to this social media feud with Carmella, writing that she "will fight her for free."

There is precedence for Jersey Shore stars crossing over with professional wrestling. Most notably, Snooki competed at WWE WrestleMania 27 in a mixed tag bout. Pivarnick herself had a one-off in the squared circle, wrestling in a six-woman tag match on an episode of TNA iMPACT! in 2011.