Jim Ross Reveals Wild Ric Flair Drinking Stories

Jim Ross probably has as many crazy Ric Flair stories as anyone in the business.Having worked [...]

Jim Ross probably has as many crazy Ric Flair stories as anyone in the business.

Having worked alongside Flair for decades, the legendary wrestling announcer has been up and down the road with a man known for his legendary nights out on the town. Some of these nights were showcased a couple of years ago in the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary chronicling Flair's life, but there always new stories coming to light given the fact that over the course of his long career, Flair spent thousands of nights out at the bars. In fact, he's still adding to the tally.

Ross recently shared some new Flair road stories during an appearance on WFNZ Radio.

"We went into a bar one time, in a Holiday Inn bar," JR said. "There were like eight people in the bar. And he (Flair) ordered 137 Kamikazes. He is the King of Happy Hour. They are bringing them out on a tray. He took them off and gave a handful to every table. They all recognized Naitch, and he's bought Kamikaze's for the house and I don't know why. It was like, '137, oh that's a good number.'"

A lot of these Flair bar stories tend to end in Flair taking off his clothes. Ross was asked when the last time he saw that happen was.

"The last time I saw him naked was the Plane Ride from Hell," JR said. "He had nothing on but his robe, his knee-high socks, alligator shoes and a boner."

Despite several health issues in recent years, Flair has made it known that he's not changing up his lifestyle all that much moving forward. He has also denied that alcohol use was a factor in any of his recent health scares.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.]