Johnny Gargano Addresses His WWE NXT Future

One of the most anticipated moments of tonight's NXT was the interview with Johnny Gargano, who said in a heartfelt promo after Sunday's WarGames pay-per-view that he would explain everything about his current situation with WWE NXT and the future tonight. After the last match of the night, Gargano came out to a huge response and chants of Johnny Wrestling. Gargano looked emotional to be sure, and he made his way to the ring. He wiped a tear away and grabbed a microphone. He said "heartbreak told me I can go as long as I want. Chucky isn't coming on at 10 and London is falling is on so it can wait. I'm sorry, I love you too man."

Gargano said "I'm sorry this isn't going to be my most eloquent promo because I didn't want to think of what I said beforehand and live in this moment with you, because if there was one regret I had over the past 6 years here, it was that I didn't enjoy it more. I always worried if it was good enough because I wanted you to have the best."

"You guys deserve writing that you could be proud of, and I really hope I did. Because you have no idea what you've given me. The first time I was in this building was in 2015 in a WWE tryout where I was told I would never be in NXT. I obviously haven't been blessed with the best genetic gifts, but because of William Regal, I was brought back for a dark match against Apollo Crews, and you guys at Full Sail chanted so much for me that they had to bring me back," Gargano said.

"The TakeOver main events, action figures, video games, you guys helped me live my dream, and I couldn't be more grateful for that. I've dealt with self-confidence issues my entire life, I doubt myself constantly, I'm doubting myself right now, but the only place I've ever felt important, ever felt special, was in this ring in front of you. And for years people have asked me why I've been in NXT so long, and it's because I love and believe in this place. Because my family is in Ohio, but I also have family back there. Hunter and Shawn mean the world to me, but there are also so many people you don't know." He then mentioned all of the people that have helped along the way and have been part of his family, and he said "that will never change. I know change is scary, but sometimes it needs to happen."

"If there's one message I want to leave for you guys, is you will never fail if you bet on yourself. And I don't know what my immediate future holds, that's up in the air now still, I may do some things here and there, but I do know one thing for sure, but in February, I'm going to start the most important job of my life, because I'm going to be a dad," Gargano said. "He's going to watch this back one day and thank you all, but I'm so excited for that, because I'm going to love that little guy so much, but right now the most important thing for me is to worry about Candice, and show my son he can be the best man he can be."

Grayson Waller then hit him in the back with a chair, and then threw him out of the ring. He followed him and mocked him, putting the chair around his neck. Waller then slammed him against the steps in between the chair, and then cleared the announce table. He lifted Gargano and slammed him through the table, saying this was his NXT.

This all came after numerous reports have surfaced about his contract status with WWE. It had been reported that Gargano's contract had been up as of December 3rd, but then it was reported that he had signed a contract extension for a week that took him past WarGames.

We then got quite a few tributes to his time in NXT after WarGames and throughout, with Johnny TakeOver gear with numerous homages to his memorable moments and gear, nods to DIY and a DIY finisher during the match, and nods on social media.

It led many to believe that his time in NXT was done, and it does seem that way. We wish him all the best in whatever he ends up doing, and we can't wait to see what is next for him.

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