Jon Moxley References Renee Young, WWE Career During G1 Climax Promo

Jon Moxley picked up his third win of New Japan's G1 Climax tournament on Friday, defeating Tomohirio Ishii in a brutal main event bout at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

The victory gave Moxley a total of six points, putting him at the top of the B Block with wins over Ishii, Ring of Honor's Jeff Cobb and Taichi. The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose cut a brief promo after the bout, promising that he would win the tournament while referencing his WWE career.

"Let me tell you something, see you can't understand everything I'm saying," Moxley said. "But a few months ago, my career was pretty much in the toilet bowl and then you guys welcomed me over here to Japan, made me feel like I'm party of the family, gave me this canvas on which to paint ugly, gruesome works of art, so I thank you for that.

"Let me tell you this, nobody on this planet, nobody on this Earth, in this world, in this universe can tell me what I'm capable of or what I can and can't do, what I can and can't accomplish," he added. "Only I say that. And let me tell you this, and you better damn sure believe it because I'm going to do it or I'm going to die trying, get used to it — Jon Moxley is going to win the G1."

Moxley then made his way to the back and briefly spoke to the media and jokingly referenced his wife, WWE commentator Renee Young.

"My wife is going to be so mad at me," he said. "She hates tables and s—. It's all Ishii's fault, he started the whole thing."

By tables, Moxley was referncing a spot where Ishii jumped off the top rop and drove Moxley through a table with a diving splash.


In his debut for New Japan back in early June, Moxley won the IWGP United States Championship by beating Juice Robinson at the Best of Super Juniors 26 final event. He'll continue his road through the G1 on Wednesday when he takes on Shingo Takagi.

Meanwhile back in the United States, Moxley will compete under the AEW banner at the All In pay-per-view on Aug. 31, taking on his new rival Kenny Omega.