King Booker Returns on SmackDown live

WWE SmackDown on Tuesday night got off to a surprise start as a WWE Hall of Famer reprised one of his former roles.

The New Day came out to celebrate their fifth WWE tag team championship, complete with a replica Stanley Cup filled with pancakes. As The New Day began to listing their championships, just as they got to "five time," Booker T's old "King Booker" theme filled the arena as he made his entrance much to the delight of the Toronto faithful.

Booker then began to address The Newe Day (with a British accent) and designate new names for them all. He addressed Lord Xavier the Wise, Sir Kofi the Brave, and "you there...Big E." Booker was about to welcome them to his "realm" when Big E protested that he didn't a cool name. Booker said he already had it, with "Big" in his name. Big E responded by saying he "just went full Saxton on me." Booker got mad and said "tell me you didn't just say that."

Booker then welcomed them to the five-time wrestling championship club. At this point, he had transformed from his British accent back to his regular Booker T verbiage and ended with a "Can you dig it, sucka?"

Following that, Booker T's original Harlem Heat theme came on as he did a Spinaroonie and The New Day followed suit, giving the dance move their own attempt. As all of this was going on, the WWE crew was ringside setting up a New Day announce table, complete with orange accents and Booty-O's boxes, as the SmackDown announce crewed noted that the team would be commenting on the triple threat tag team tournament match that came next.