Kurt Angle Reveals WWE's Brock Lesnar Wanted to Join TNA and Why It Didn't Happen

Surreal to think about a scenario where The Beast Brock Lesnar called TNA home rather than WWE, but that was a very real possibility at one point. On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle revealed that Lesnar did ask him about joining TNA, and Angle tried to make it happen. Unfortunately, money got in the way of it coming to fruition, and the rest is history obviously, with Lesner jumping to WWE and going on to become a major attraction and multi-time WWE Champion.

"Okay, Brock calls me. He is not in the WWE," Angle said. "He says, 'Listen, man. Can you get me in TNA?' I probably shouldn't even be saying this now. But you know what? Brock doesn't care. He said, 'Hey, what are you making?' And I said what I was making. He said, 'If you can get me that, I'll come.' I approached TNA, and they said, No, we're not going to give him that kind of money."

According to Angle, it was more about what they could afford and being towards the top of their budget already as opposed to not wanting Lesnar. Angle also cites his own hefty salary as well as Sting's as reasons that contributed to that tight budget.

"I think they were at the top of their budget, where they couldn't really give any more money out. I was making a lot of money. Sting was making a good bit of money, and then you had a bunch of guys on the roster. You know, TNA, the Carter family funded it for a long time, and then TNA started making their own money, but it just wasn't enough to bring in another guy for seven figures a year. I don't think they were capable enough to do that."

If they had given him the money and made it work, Lesnar could have called TNA home for quite some time, though he also could have eventually ended up in WWE anyway. If he had joined TNA around 2007, Lesnar could have worked with AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Booker T, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Rhino, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Sting, Angle, and more. Perhaps that would have led to a Samoa Joe vs Lesnar match-up early in their careers, but we'll never known what could have been.


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H/T Sportskeeda