Details on Kurt Angle's 'Vacation' as Raw General Manager

While WWE sent us to bed marveling at yet another Shield reunion, the most overlooked story from [...]

While WWE sent us to bed marveling at yet another Shield reunion, the most overlooked story from Raw was Stephanie McMahon giving Kurt Angle a temporary boot as Raw GM.

The only detail we know is that Constable Baron Corbin will be stepping in for Angle for now. However, Angle did make a post to Instagram that suggested he could miss a few weeks.

"I'm really sorry that I won't be on Monday Night Raw for a little while. I enjoyed every minute of it with the WWEUniverse. I was told by @stephaniemcmahon that I need a vacation. I don't know if it's temporary or permanent. I Hope I will be back sooner than later. Thank you WWEUniverse. Much Love. #itstrue," he wrote.

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Stephanie McMahon asserted it was Angles poor performance as GM that fueled her decision, but says it's something else. Per the report, Angle has legal issues that will keep him from traveling to next week's Raw in Toronto. Apparently, this situation arose earlier this year when WWE traveled to Montreal.

So it appears WWE is turning a real-life obstacle into storyline and now Raw is void of wholesome leadership. With Corbin and McMahon in charge, things are bound to get tougher for top babyfaces like Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey. The yin to that yang is the heels like Kevin Owens will soon be getting preferential treatment in the form of opportunities that would have never manifest otherwise.

The subplot to keep an eye on though is Paul Heyman. One of Angle's last moves as active GM was to deny Brock Lesnar's request for a rematch at Hell In a Cell with Roman Reigns. However, WWE does occasionally enforce the obligatory rematch clause and now that Angle is gone, there appears to be an opening for Heyman to get Lesnar another shot at the Universal Championship. Whether or not this happens is highly speculative as it would seem Lesnar is set to be out of WWE for a while. With his UFC bout with Daniel Cormier on the loom, another title match in WWE seems farfetched, at least until he's done with his UFC obligations. However is Lesnar is to beat Cormier, then he'll once again be UFC's Heavyweight Champion—a fact that would put his WWE career on pause, potentially for a year, if not longer.

We'll have to see how things shake out, but look for Raw to be lead by rotten leadership in the ride towards Hell in a Cell.