Stunning LEGO art Transforms WWE's Finn Balor Into the Demon

It's always astounding to see all that can be done with LEGOs, and C3Brix has used them to create out-of-this-world artwork for some of WWE's biggest superstars over the years. That includes Finn Balor, who recently shared the stunning LEGO artwork C3Brix created for him back in 2016. It might be a few years old, but it's just as impressive as ever, and making it even more impressive is the fact that the artwork actually transforms Balor into his Demon alter-ego as you move your eyes across it and shift your perspective. You can check out the artwork in the post below.

The artwork features a portrait of Balor and then features the original version of the Demon seen in WWE after Balor had moved from NXT to Monday Night Raw. The fact that this was all done with LEGO and features a transformation to boot really puts this over the top, and we can't wait to see what C3Brix does next.

Balor originally shared this back in 2016 during the time he was injured after his match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. He couldn't have been more thrilled with the artwork, writing at the time "Truly humbling ART by @C3Brix No words can express how much I love this. I have butterflies in my heart ❤️ #finnart @LEGO_Groupand."

C3Brix has also created a LEGO Championship Title, which Balor also got to hold in a previous photo. C3Brix has also created LEGO artwork for Sheamus, Bryan Danielson, and Jim Cornette and Stacey Cornette.

As for Balor, he's been busy lately, as he recently battled it out with Judgement Day at Hell in a Cell and lost, but then swerved everyone by joining up with them and then overthrowing Edge, becoming the new leader of the faction and exiling Edge out of the group. Now Balor leads Judgement Day, and he will reveal what the next step is for the group, which also includes Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, on this coming week's Monday Night Raw. Hopefully, we'll also hear from Edge on what his next plans are as well.