Logan Paul Teases WWE Return

Logan Paul made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38 this past April, defeating Rey and Dominik Mysterio alongside The Miz. Paul was betrayed by Miz after the match to seemingly set up a future program, but the YouTuber's WWE appearances quickly stopped once WrestleMania week was over. He teased a return days later by telling Ariel Helwani, "Okay, truthfully, it would come down to whatever the deal is. 'Cause I do have to allocate my time specifically and strategically. I love it, and I'm willing to dedicate a lot of time to the WWE and enhancing my skills. But it would just have to make monetary sense for me, 'cause if I do that, I'm gonna be unable to do other things."

He also shot down the report that he insisted on WWE turning him babyface following the tag match. Paul has been consistently booed by fans whenver he has appeared on WWE TV over the past few years. 

"That was not part of the deal. It was a sentiment that I had expressed. It's my desire. I'd like to be a good guy. I just want to be liked, like any f—ing person...people sometimes have a hard time understanding that there's a character to play and there's the real version of me, and somewhere in there I got to find this version that works for this medium. But I just want to be liked. Sometimes I can be a f—ing d—head, sure yeah bring it out, let me be the villain. Or sometimes let me kick the villain's a—, I don't know. I don't know who I am 100 percent maybe yet in the WWE," he said.

Paul took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal he was back in the ring training. It's possible that WWE is setting him up for another match at SummerSlam, which already has a Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar rematch, a rumored John Cena vs. Austin Theory match and another Pat McAfee bout, this time against Happy Corbin. 

Paul's brief training for his WrestleMania tag team match was met with praise from both Miz and Shane "Hurricane" Helms, with the latter saying in a WWE YouTube video, "Training Logan Paul has been one of the easiest celebrity trainings I've ever done. He's a natural athlete, natural charisma, natural personality. It's just a matter of feeding him a little bit of information, he's processing it and dude, it's been super easy."