Matt Cardona Reveals Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Spinoff Coming

While many enjoy watching Matt Cardona and Brian Myers work in the ring, that's not the only thing fans love about the duo. Both Cardona and Myers have earned legions of fans thanks to their work on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. Lately one of the more popular topics on the show has been Fig Fed, a Federation made up completely of action figures after a full-on draft, and it all started from a bonus episode on Patreon. Fans have quite taken to it though, and when Cardona spoke to as part of our series Talking Shop, he revealed that the popular topic is getting its own spinoff show.

"The one we've been doing is like fantasy booking, right, but using the figures," Cardona said. "Like we all played with as kids right? It's so fun. Now listen, I'm not on the ground and acting out these matches, but I'm booking the storylines and booking the cards like I was a kid. We didn't need to buy all the figures that are in our Fig Fed. We drafted the figures, but like how can you book unless you have them on the floor, so I've got them on the floor, so in that sense, I am playing with them. I'm, getting on the floor and going 'okay, he'll wrestle him this week, he'll wrestle him next week'."

That's when Cardona revealed that Fig Fed would be the foundation for a new spinoff series later this summer.

"I don't think we've shared this publicly either, but we have big plans for that to be a spinoff show," Cardona said. "So the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast will have a spinoff show...F it, I just said it now, in the summertime. Breaking news! As first reported by (laughs), the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast will have a spinoff show coming this summer, late summer, Fig Fed related."

"Something that was just a bonus episode on Patreon, it really took off, so now we're going to make it so everybody can hear it and it's gonna get nuts, let's just say that," Cardona said.


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