Matt Cardona Reveals Status of Life on the Ropes Reality Show

Matt Cardona reveals that the Life on the Ropes reality show is "dead in the water"

Earlier this year Matt Cardona and Brian Myers shared a trailer for an upcoming reality show series they were developing titled Life on the Ropes, and at the time it was slated to air on Whatnot. The show would follow Cardona, Myers, and their team of Mark Sterling, Swoggle, Chelsea Green, and more as they started to build their entrepreneurial empire. The trailer was released back in May, but there haven't been any updates until now. Cardona was asked about the show in a new interview with Bill Pritchard (WrestleZone), and Cardona revealed the unfortunate news that the show isn't happening (H/T Fightful).

"Unfortunately, it's dead in the water," Cardona said. "Us putting it out on YouTube was kind of just putting it out for us because we had taken up so much time. Not only thinking about it, but filming it and filming all this stuff for it. Unfortunately, nobody picked it up. So we were like, 'F***, might as well put it on our YouTube channel, get some views on it.' But that was it."

"Hey, listen, if anybody wants to pick it up, feel free. But as soon as we got released, we had all these people coming to us, all these different production companies, saying they want to do some sort of show. Long story short, there's no show [laughs]. Hey, if somebody want it, great. We got it. But at this point, there's nothing."

Cardona said they pitched to a variety of networks and platforms, including Netflix and A&E, but nothing ended up panning out. "It was pitched to a bunch of different...Netflix, all that stuff, A&E, they didn't want it. It is what it is. If it happens, it happens. But at the end of the day, I'm not too disappointed," Cardona said.

Cardona and Myers are keeping plenty busy even without the reality show thanks to their successful Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, which has also helped spawn several toy lines, and that's in addition to their continued prominence in the ring for any number of companies. In a previous interview with, Cardona and Chelsea Green were asked if they've set a new bar for what wrestlers should aspire to when they are working on the independence scene.

"I was actually just speaking about this with somebody. I think both of us are the busiest we've ever been and I also don't think that anyone has been able to simultaneously work in as many companies as we have this year, but I don't necessarily think that's us changing the game. I just think that's everyone stepping it up in the wrestling world, especially independent wrestlers," Green said.

"But here's the thing, we're our own boss and I want to prove that ... listen, WWE, great. AEW, great. And if either of them called me, I pick up the phone 100%. But I want to prove you don't need one of those companies to be a successful pro wrestler, but you have to work your ass off. There are people who were released from WWE the same day that I was two years ago, who've done nothing, and I have no sympathy for that because you got to make things happen, and we have," Cardona said.