Matt Cardona vs. Bully Ray Finally Gets Booked

Matt Cardona vs. Bully Ray will finally happen later this year, but it's not for a promotion you might expect. Ray has been openly calling out Cardona on both social media and on his Busted Open Radio show, frequently calling out his lack of credentials as the "Deathmatch King." Cardona even talked about it in a recent interview with ComicBook, saying, "Bully Ray is somebody I watched growing up, obviously, but he's been extreme shaming me on social media, saying I'm not extreme, that I'm not hardcore. I'm the death match king. He's too busy with Busted Open, his radio show. He's the past. I'm the future.

Cardona also mentioned that, despite Ray's comments often being directed at his work in GCW, he didn't think a grudge match between the two would ever happen there — "I don't think GCW wants to book Bully. They don't want to deal with his bullying. His politics is BS, but someone's going to make that match sometime, somewhere and I'll be ready because I'm always ready."

It turns out he was right. Not only will the match not be at a GCW event, it won't be under the NWA banner (a promotion they're both currently working for) either. Cardona confirmed on Monday that the match will take place at Battleground Championship Wrestling's A Tribute To The Extreme event inside the iconic ECW Arena in Philadelphia on Dec. 17. 

"It's a double-edged sword there. Yeah, Cardona got hurt, and he couldn't perform on a pay-per-view that was named after him. Personally, I think Cardona is ducking me because he talks a lot of shit on social media about how he's this 'hardcore' guy just because he wrestled in garbage bag GCW, which is one of the worst ECW rip-offs I've ever seen in my life, and all of a sudden he's this hardcore guy. You've never seen Cardona in the ring with a true hardcore guy, a true extreme guy. 'Masters' of the art of extreme. Who have you seen him with? Nick Gage? Oh my god, please. Please. Awful, awful," Ray said in an interview with NBC Sports Boston last month. 

Cardona was a member of the ECW roster when the brand was revived by the WWE in the mid-2000s. He's also technically an ECW TV Champion, having revived the title back in January only to throw it in the trash the following night.

h/t Fightful