Details on Matt Hardy's WWE Future, Partnership With Bray Wyatt

In recent weeks, Matt Hardy sent out a few tweets appearing to signal the end of his career. While [...]

In recent weeks, Matt Hardy sent out a few tweets appearing to signal the end of his career. While 43-year old has yet to officially retire, it looks like we can wave him goodbye for the foreseeable future.

One of Hardy's latest posts revealed his lower back and pelvis were fusing together, while he won't need surgery, he will need time away to heal. And according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hardy may begin a transition to a backstage role in WWE. Even more, it looks like his partnership with Bray Wyatt has concluded.

Hardy hinted as much following Raw this Monday when he thanked Wyatt and said: "I shall miss you."

Hardy and Wyatt's partnership has been one of the better subplots WWE has used in 2018. Combining Wyatt's world of the occult and the eccentric "Woken" persona of Hardy, the unique duo has supplied its fair share of memorable moments. While winning the Raw Tag Team Championships was good for the resume, Hardy and Wyatt's partnership will be most remembered for their Ultimate Deletion match in March.

Below the in-ring surface, the combination of Wyatt and Hardy looks to have paid dividends. For Hardy, his mission to bring pry the formerly "Broken" character to WWE was a smashing success. Not only did Hardy fight and win the legal rights, but he also was able to bring the character to the WWE Universe. Even more, it worked. Hardy's commitment to vision on the character is one of the best examples of tenacity in recent memory.

For Wyatt, his alignment with Hardy has refreshed his character. While he's a nicer version of his voodoo character, Bray was able to endear himself to sections of the WWE crowd that typically booed him. Now, Bray has further endeared himself to an audience that was already eager to support him. Now that he can fly solo again, the Bray Wyatt character may be in for a renaissance.

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