Mustafa Ali Issues Title Challenge on WWE NXT

WWE's Mustafa Ali challenges Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Title

WWE NXT got things moving quickly with a match between Mustafa Ali and Axiom, and it showcased both stars' talents throughout. Ali even delivered a Jackhammer to Axiom at one point, and Ali would ultimately walk away with the win. Ali wasn't done though, as he had a message for the crowd and the WWE Universe, issuing a challenge for the NXT North American Championship to whoever is Champion after tonight's match-up. Whoever does walk away the winner will now have Ali to deal with next, and you can watch his challenge in the video below.

After defeating Axiom, Ali told the crowd "Whoever is the winner of tonight's North American Championship match, I want you to know that I'm next in line. They want it. I want it. I'm starting a campaign to become the new North American Champion!"

Ali has already been in the North American Title mix since coming to NXT, and he previously had a Title shot locked in against Wes Lee. Unfortunately, Lee lost his North American Championship to Dominik Mysterio after the Judgement Day's Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest all intervened on Dominik's behalf during the match.

Then Ali had another chance to win the Title in the ensuing Triple Threat match at the Great American Bash. That match involved Dominik, Lee, and Ali, and once again the Judgement Day would interfere on Dominik's behalf. Then Ali and Lee had words after the match, and since then Ali has attempted to get back into Title contention. Now Ali seems to have his next chance, but we'll have to wait till later tonight to find out who he will actually challenge.

Tonight's match will involve Dominik taking on Dragon Lee, but Lee has already planned for Rhea Ripley's inevitable interference. Lee called in Rey Mysterio to help him even the odds, and Rey will be in his corner throughout. Things should get interesting considering Rey and Dominik will be near the same ring for a while, as the two still have plenty to sort out.

Dominik has been taking shots at Mysterio whenever the opportunity arises. In his promos over the past few weeks, Dominik's said that his win of the North American Title brought relevance to the Mysterio name, and then he added that he considers himself the greatest luchador ever. As you might have guessed, that didn't go over too well with...well, anyone.

Many called him out for his words, including Axiom and Dragon Lee. Lee would then challenge Dominik for the Title, and that will happen later tonight. As for Wes, he is now in a simmering feud with Carmelo Hayes, and it seems a match between the two for the NXT Championship is bound to happen sooner than later.

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