Naomi's Recent 'Manipulators' Post Could Link to WWE Situation

The WWE Universe is still waiting for any sort of official answer to the question of what's going on with Naomi, Sasha Banks, and WWE, and sadly answers don't seem to be coming just yet. That said, recent reports have indicated that both Naomi and Banks are no longer part of the company, and a new post to Naomi's Instagram story could also be tied to the whole situation (via Wrestling News). The post reads "The moment you put a stop to people taking advantage of you and disrespecting you, is when they define you as difficult, selfish or crazy. Manipulators hate boundaries."

It's easy to draw lines to what's been reportedly going on with Naomi and WWE. According to previous reports, WWE was planning on using Naomi and Banks as part of storylines around the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships as opposed to furthering their own rivalries as Women's Tag Team Champions. They had asked to take on Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. but were going to end up competing as individuals instead of defending their Titles, and it seemed this was one of several issues they had.

That's when they left their Titles behind and left the arena before an episode of Monday Night Raw, which was supposed to have them in the main event. WWE would then address them leaving on air and issue a statement on the matter, but Banks and Naomi didn't comment publicly.

Then on the following Friday WWE would address the situation again, saying that Naomi and Banks were being indefinitely suspended. They then revealed that there would be a tournament for the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, but since that initial announcement, there hasn't been any further mention of the Titles, with some thinking that they may have been shelved completely.

The latest on this situation is a report that says Naomi and Banks have been removed from internal rosters, though they haven't been removed from the official roster page on the official WWE website. Both stars have also removed WWE from their Instagram accounts, so it seems the era of Naomi and Banks in WWE might indeed be over.