WWE Star Throws Shade at Neville for 'Quitting'

Neville's exit from WWE surprised fans for good reason. The man had become the face of the WWE cruiserweight division, excelling in his role as a heel and reaching the height of his stardom in WWE.

Even so, Neville was unhappy and has decided to sit out ever since October 2017. Still under contract to WWE and having not been given a release, he is unable to wrestle anywhere else in the world as he sits inactive on the sideline. In fact, his WWE contract is reportedly frozen until some kind of agreement is reached, so every day that he sits at home, his WWE contract isn't coming any closer to expiring.

Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander reigns over 205 Live as the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, the very title that Neville used to hold. Alexander was poked at by fans a little bit on social media about Neville and responded by throwing some shade at the WWE star who has gone AWOL over the last 10 months.

Ouch. But the Neville references kept coming and Alexander wasn't done.

It would be great to report that this is all part of a storyline to bring Neville back and feud with Alexander, but unfortunately that is not the case as of right now. The two could have some fantastic matches together, and Alexander is likely trying to spark some interest from Neville with these tweets, but Neville doesn't appear any closer to returning to WWE right now than he did last fall.


For what it's worth, the two have battled before in WWE and it was fantastic.