New Cody Rhodes Report Says He Is Already Signed with WWE

Recent reports have been all over the place for Cody Rhodes ever since it was revealed that he wasn't signed to a deal with All Elite Wrestling, and then things really got interesting after he decided not to re-sign and AEW said their goodbyes to Cody and Brandi Rhodes, two of AEW's founding members. Since then it's been thought that he would head to WWE, but recent reports have suggested that those talks had stalled a bit. A new report from PWInsider however says that is not the case and that Rhodes is actually already signed to a deal with WWE, a deal that he signed "10 to 14 days ago".

If he is already signed, it would make a WrestleMania return highly likely, and evidently, the current plan is indeed to have him show up during WrestleMania 38 weekend. This could also tie into Seth Rollins' current WrestleMania storyline.

In recent weeks Rollins has been working a storyline where he is lamenting having nothing to do at WrestleMania. The rumor is that he will then come face to face with a returning Rhodes, and then the two will feud on Monday Night Raw, where Rhodes is expected to be moving forward.

So, the question is does all this happen? Reports have been a little all over the place, but as we get closer they are starting to coalesce a bit, lending Creedence to the idea that Rhodes does make his WWE return sooner rather than later.

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