NXT's Toni Storm Talks TakeOver Return and Setting Sights on Io Shirai's NXT Championship

NXT TakeOver was filled to the brim with big matches and surprising moments, and one of the bigger ones was the surprise presence of Toni Storm. Storm appeared on the video screen after Io Shirai took down Candice LeRae, announcing that she was returning to NXT and heading right for Shirai and her NXT CHampionship. Since then we've received a promo video talking a bit about Storm's break from WWE television and wrestling in general, but she's back and ready for new challenges. ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Storm all about her big return and those new challenges, as well as things like action figures and the Thunderdome, but first, we had to start with that big return at TakeOver.

Things tend to go from idea to reality incredibly quickly in WWE, and that was the case for Storm's return at TakeOver, which came together extremely fast. "To be honest, everything kind of happened last minute for me," Storm said. "I didn't really know when this was all going to spring up, but I'm glad it did. I think TakeOver was the best moment."

Storm has been wrestling in the squared circle for most of her life, so while the break from wrestling was difficult, Storm does feel it was necessary and ended up being the best thing for her future success.

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"It was quite eye-opening for me having all this time off, but it was good for me physically, but not doing something that I love and that I was 13 years old, just so long, kind of takes a toll mentally," Storm said. "I just realized that this is where I need to be more than anywhere in the world. It's revitalized my passion as a whole. In a way, maybe the break was kind of a good thing. The bruises have healed and I'm ready to dive right back in, and it's nice to start thing off with a clean slate."

Storm returns to an NXT that has changed quite a bit, but there is some familiarity there, as she's faced Black and Gold stars like Shirai, Tegan Nox, and Shotzi Blackheart before, whether in NXT, the Mae Young Classic, or in the indies before their time in WWE. While she's happy to battle all of them, she's got her eyes set squarely on Shirai, and more importantly, the NXT Championship she holds.

"I've faced a lot of those girls in the past, but would have to say Shirai, because she's got the NXT Championship I want," Storm said. "I'm going for the top prize, and at the moment that means going through Shirai. I'm all in, and I've beat her once already, so I'm looking forward to the rematch because I can do it again."

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One of Storm's biggest moments was her involvement in the Royal Rumble match this year, though while it is still one of the best moments in her career, Storm is not content with just that one moment, and is looking ahead more than ever.

"It is surreal, and I still look at that as one of the best moments in my career, but I also don't want to only have that one moment," Storm said. "I don't want to rest on just the one Royal Rumble appearance, and I'm looking to add more amazing moments throughout my career, so my eyes are on the future and what I can do next. I'll never forget it though."

Switching topics a bit, If you haven't watched Storm react to her WWE 2K20 character entrance, you are missing out, and we imagine she had a similar reaction when she initially saw her first WWE action figure, which made its debut earlier this year. So, if she could have an Elite series figure, one with all the accessories, what would it come with? We recommended the shades, a steel chair, maybe her dog, and she was game for all of it.

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"Oh man that would be amazing, and it needs everything, including the leather jacket, the hat, the glasses, everything, Storm said. "You know, it would be nice to have a chair in there too." Also, just saying, a Championship belt is probably a no-brainer too. Throwing that out there Mattel!

Storm is ready to start a new chapter in NXT, and if her past NXT UK Championship run is any indication, it's about to be Toni Time all day in NXT.


You can catch Toni Storm every Wednesday on NXT, which airs on the USA Network at 8 PM EST.

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