NXT's Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner Might Have Just Become a Tag Team

Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner have been in each other's orbits over the past few weeks, with Wagner coming to O'Reilly's aid several times despite the fact that O'Reilly didn't trust anyone. It seems O'Reilly has warmed up a bit to the idea of having an ally, and on tonight's NXT we might have just had the official formation of a new tag team because of it. O'Reilly understandably has some trust issues, as his former faction fell apart after Adam Cole turned on everyone in the group and caused a permanent split.

During a segment, we see O'Reilly on his dirtbike, and we see him meeting up with Wagner, who pulls up in a truck. They then head into the woods, and along the way Wagner finds a rather large fallen tree to pick up and take to their final destination.

They then get to a spot and enter into a Rocky-style training montage, complete with lifting the tree, doing pull-ups on a tree branch, and more.

We then see the duo sitting by a campfire and talking a bit, and Wagner says there is one more thing to train in. He then pulls out some beers and says they have to take care of them. O'Reilly laughs and says Wagner is pretty odd, but also says that if they teamed up they could do some damage.

Wagner raises his beer in agreement, and it would seem that we have a brand new tag team on the block to cause havoc.

Many have wondered what would be next for O'Reilly, especially after a lengthy feud with Cole came to an end with a brutal match. Now it seems that he'll be teaming with Von Wagner and disrupting the tag division, which also includes Legado Del Fantasma, MSK, GYV, Lorcan and Burch, Imperium, and more.

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