NXT's Roderick Strong Wins Cruiserweight Championship

Tonight's NXT continued to build momentum from the 2.0 launch last week, and it didn't take long before we had a new Champion in the mix. We would get the anticipated matchup between Kushida and The Diamond Mine's Roderick Strong, and despite the numbers game, Kushida didn't shy away from the match at all. Despite that fire and Kushida's skill in the ring, one man can only deal with so much before falling to overwhelming numbers, and unfortunately, that's what happened to Kushida after getting attacked by pretty much everyone in the Diamond Mine, causing him to be pinned and making Roderick Strong the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Kushida was hitting on all cylinders right from the get-go, and at one point he had the win in hand, but Malcolm Bivens interfered and dragged Strong's foot to the ropes. The referee didn't catch it, effectively stealing the win from Kushida, but Diamond Mine's interference didn't stop there.

Later Bivens would distract the referee on one side of the ring, which allowed Brutus and Julius Creed to start attacking Kushida on the other side, waylaying him with punches and forearms.

That cleared the way for Strong to come in and finish the job, attacking Kushida and getting the pin and the win, ending Kushida's reign as the Cruiserweight Champion.

Now Strong is the new Champion, bringing The Diamond Mine its first taste of gold, and hopefully, at least for them, it will be the first of many titles as they continue their ascent up the ladder.


Strong surprised. a lot of people when he not only left the Undisputed ERA (though they were already fractured and breaking up) but also left NXT. It would be a few months before he showed back up with a new look and new stable in The Diamond Mine, and while it's had its share of shakeups along the way, the group seems as big a factor as ever now, and Strong will certainly look to celebrate the group's first title win.

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