Otis Finally Turns on Chad Gable on WWE Raw

The Alpha Academy is falling apart.

For weeks, WWE's beloved Alpha Academy stable has been at odds. While Chad Gable spews disapproval at his group making them feel like they are less than, they've been quietly teasing a potential turn from Otis on his best friend. Sami Zayn has tried to get involved, reminding Maxxine, Otis and Tozawa of their worth, but they didn't want to hear it. Things changed at Clash at the Castlewhen Maxxine was injured during Gable's match. It fired the big man up, and it seemed like things might take a shift there. Instead, he picked Maxxine up and walked out with her and Tozawa, allowing Zayn to hit the Helluva kick and retain the title.

The Alpha Academy has been together for four years, first starting out as a tag team between Gable and Otis. Eventually, Gable would take Maxxine and Tozawa under his wing to help mentor them, but when he didn't see any progress he began to grow frustrated with the group, berating them any chance he got.

On WWE Raw, The Alpha Academy made their way to the ring where Gable once again verbally and physically attacked the group. This time Otis had enough, snapping when Tozawa got slapped in the face. He turned around to see his friend helpless on the mat, glaring over at Gable. After a momentary stare-down and Gable trying to explain himself and talk him down, Otis shoved him across the ring and ripped off his Alpha Academy shirt. As he left the ring, he helped Maxxine and Tozawa to the back as Gable timidly looked around.

It's unclear where the rest of Alpha Academy will go from here, but Gable will likely team up with The Creeds as a menacing stable has been teased between the three men. The Creeds have had impressive matches since their main roster call-up, but they haven't had a story that sticks just yet. 

Under the tutelage of Gable, it lends itself to endless opportunity, creating yet another dominating faction and elevating the two young brothers. With the constant comparisons to Kurt Angle , WWE could definitely re-run the "Team Angle" story. While Angle was the mouthpiece in that group (similar to Gable), Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were his henchmen, attacking people at every turn. The Creeds could do the exact same for Gable.

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