Paige No Longer WWE SmackDown General Manager

One night after WWE RAW was shaken up by the McMahon family, it was revealed that many of the same [...]

One night after WWE RAW was shaken up by the McMahon family, it was revealed that many of the same changes were coming to SmackDown. That means the previous General Manager is no more.

The show opened on Tuesday night with Shane McMahon backstage addressing the SmackDown locker room. He reiterated what was said during RAW and said that the wrestlers were going to be held accountable now for what happens on the show weekly.

McMahon continued praising the roster and called up Paige. He said that although Paige has done a good job as General Manager (leading the SmackDown crew in applause and a "thank you Paige" chant for her), she will no longer be serving in the same capacity on the show. They didn't yet reveal what her now role will be.

Paige has really settled into the role of GM in recent months and done a great job. Following a forced retirement due to injury, she has seemed to be content still being around the wrestling product in her current role. It's been noticeable on social media and the show itself that she's been having a good time and has been very happy in comparison to some of the turmoil she faced in her life just a couple of years ago. Hopefully Paige will continue to have a featured spot on the show and it will be interesting to see what that is.

The McMahon family continues to portray themselves on television as taking back control of the shows. Both Shane and Vince appeared during SmackDown on Tuesday night, further progressing the narrative that they are getting their shows in order and giving the fans what they want. Of course, from a backstage perspective, the family is responsible for everything that the fans have been frustrated with in recent years.

Never the less, the fans in attendance at the shows continued to give them all (especially Shane and Vince) a warm welcome during their appearances on Monday and Tuesday. Figure that one out.

Many times in the past, fans have complained that the McMahons have been featured too prominently on television and turned the broadcasts into a McMahon family saga rather than a wrestling show. It will be interesting to see how they strike the balance of portraying their characters on television during this new "shake up" story while still staying away enough to give the impression that things really are changing for the better. If it becomes a McMahon family story first and foremost once again, things could get even worse than they have been creatively.