Randy Orton Comments On Backstage Altercation Between Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar

In the past 6 months, Chris Jericho has further cemented his legacy as one of the greatest sports entertainers to ever step inside the ring. From incorporating a scarf and goatee to get over a piece of paper, the former WWE champion has won over the few remaining critics he still had.

Jericho's legend great when a story broke about he and Brock Lesnar were getting into a backstage altercation at SummerSlam after Lesnar brutalized Orton in the ring and Jericho thought Lesnar had been reckless. During an interview with SI’s Justin Barrasso, Orton confirmed that an altercation did take place and he thinks it’s awesome Jericho was concerned for his safety.

“Basically, what happened is Jericho saw what was going on in the ring and wanted answers as to whether my best interests were in mind as far as my health and safety,” Orton said. “I had my family there, sitting front row, and Chris knew that, as well. He was just coming up to check on his boy, that’s what it boiled down to, and I think that’s awesome.”

He continued, “You hear all these things about how they were going to fight, but I don’t think Jericho wanted to fight Brock, I’m just going to throw that out there. I think he was coming up to just make sure everything was cool. It’s unfortunate that in that small space, with the dozen bodies in there, somehow that leaked and everybody knew about it. That’s very unfortunate. It was blown way out of proportion, and Jericho just wanted to check on one of his fellow boys in the locker room.”

Of course Jericho didn't want to fight Lesnar, which makes his actions even more admirable. Orton holds no grudge towards Lesnar, and some even argue that the incident and subsequent concussion that led to time off was indirectly responsible for Orton's current renaissance as the third member of the Wyatt Family.

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