Report: Seth Rollins Injured At Clash of Champions

Rumors are circulating that Seth Rollins might have gotten injured at Sunday's Clash of Champions pay-per-view event. After Kevin Owens landed a gutbuster, it was obvious that Seth landed wrong and then after Owens hit a Frogsplash for a two-count, Rollins began to hold his ribs.

(Photo: WWE)

This could very well be a selling technique, however even when the match ended, Rollins walked out through the curtain still with his hand still wrapped around his ribs. One report had Rollins having trouble breathing backstage, which could indicate a definite rib injury. Rollins is only a few months in his return from a seven-month-long injury, so if this turns out to be more serious, it's not great for both Rollins and the Raw brand in general. The big red brand has already suffered a bit swerve with Finn Balor being injured last month, and he still has 6 more months at best to recover.

The Rollins and Owens feud is looking to carry over to next month's Hell In The Cell event as well, so if Rollins does find himself on the sidelines once more, they need to consider a plan b. There's a lot of story yet to be told, so here's hoping the injury is not as bad as it sounds.

Stay tuned for updates on his condition today.

(Via WrestleNews Inc)