Ricochet, Baron Corbin Advance in the King of the Ring Tournament, Updated Bracket

This week's Monday Night Raw featured two more matches in the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, solidifying the quarterfinal round for the Raw side of the bracket.

The first bout saw Ricochet pull off a win over Drew McIntyre, who many believed was the frontrunner to win the whole tournament. The former United States Champion pulled off the win by jumping off the second buckle to hit a Recoil, followed by his 630 Splash finisher.

The second match featured Baron Corbin vs. The Miz. Miz looked to have the match won when he pulled off his Skull Crushing Finale finisher, but Corbin managed to kick out. He then tried a springboard clothesline, which Corbin ducked. Miz bounced off the ropes, but ran right into Corbin's End of Days finisher to end the match.

Corbin then walked up to the throne on the entrance ramp, put on the crown and cut a promo on the crowd while waving around the sceptre.

Next week's quarterfinals on the Raw side will feature Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet and Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander. Joe and Ricochet have recent history with each other given that Joe was the man Ricochet beat at Stomping Grounds to win his first championship on the main roster.

Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown will feature a pair of first-round matches: Ali vs. Buddy Murphy and Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin. Elias and Andrade already qualified for the quarterfinals after their respective wins last week.


Gable recently spoke with ComicBook.com about the importance of the tournament, given his goal of becoming an established singles star on the Blue Brand.

"...When I found out, it was kind of an honor, because as it's no secret, I haven't been heavily featured on SmackDown since I got traded over there in the draft," Gable said. "So for me more than anything, this is like, "Okay, now it's your chance kid," because I've been waiting for this opportunity to just really break out and show people, even though some people say they already know what I'm capable of, and that I'm great, or this and that. But now it's my chance to prove it and maybe show it to the people that don't know that yet or maybe aren't believers."