Brock Lesnar Wrecks Roman Reigns After Paul Heyman's Treachery

Roman Reigns was almost a Paul Heyman Guy. But just as we began to entertain the idea of Reigns and Heyman aligning at SummerSlam the rug was pulled. And Brock Lesnar came out to clean up the mess.

After Paul Heyman's ambiguous interview where he left the WWE hanging on his "unless" clause, The Advocate extended his services — along with Brock Lesnar's tactical secrets — to Reigns. After lowering Reigns' guard with a Samoan message (yes, really) Heyman put a contract in Reign's hand. As Reigns looked it over, Heyman hit him with a generous spraying of mace.

With Reigns blind, Lesnar's music hit and the Universal Champion wasted no time in launching an assault on Reigns. After guillotine choke put Reigns to sleep, Lesnar re-entered the ring use punctuate his message with an F-5. Needless to say, Reigns will enter SummerSlam with a few extra bruises.

This was quite the ruse by Heyman and Lesnar. Two weeks ago, Lesnar pinned Heyman to the ring as The Advocate begged for mercy. A week later, Heyman spent an entire interview wiping his eyes as he appeared to be mourning the end of he and Lesnar's relationship. But on Raw, the diabolical duo proved that they are dedicated to carrying out evil deeds.

With Heyman and Lesnar officially back, Reigns' chances of becoming Universal Champion at SummerSlam would appear to have disintegrated. However this is WWE, and now that the odds have stacked, any self-respecting wrestling fan knows that Reigns' victory may be inevitable.

However, rumors of Lesnar wanting to stick around WWE, despite his UFC ambitions, have cast a layer of doubt over SummerSlam's results. Like WrestleMania and the Greatest Royal Rumble, Reigns' victory feels like a formality, but as we've learned, WWE is happy to swerve us and keep the title on Lesnar. So until Reigns is actually holding the big red belt, we simply cannot assume much.


Even more, the result of SummerSlam's main event may be a footnote. With either Braun Strowman or Kevin Owens looming backstage with the MITB briefcase, it's certainly likely we see a cash-in attempt. Rumors have suggested a much, but now that the briefcase itself is up for grabs, a once predictable SummerSlam now feels slippery to judge.

Regardless, WWE has garnered sufficient intrigue for a match the few wanted to see again. No matter how many fans "protest" Reigns/Lesnar IV, we all want to see how it ends.