Roman Reigns Thanks Family, Fans in First Instagram Video Since Remission Announcement

Roman Reigns posted a video to Instagram from backstage at the State Farm Arena minutes after [...]

Roman Reigns posted a video to Instagram from backstage at the State Farm Arena minutes after announcing his leukemia was in remission on Monday Night Raw.

"I'm back, I didn't get enough," Reigns said. "I said it before, I'm going to say it a lot, thank you."

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Once again...

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"And I didn't really get a chance because, I'm not going to lie, I was nervous, and it was overwhelming just to hear the response and they actually cheered me. Crazy," he continued. "But I just want to say, I hugged the hell out of her out there, but I just wanted to say thank you to my mom, thank you to my family, thank you to my children, but most of all thank you to my wife. Along with everyone else that sent their support and prayers. I just don't feel like I would be in this position, feeling this good without all you guys. So, one more time and it's not the last time, but it's one more time. Thank you."

After being gone from the company since October, Reigns opened Raw this week with the announcement that his cancer was in remission, and that he "was back."

Later in the evening Reigns got his first taste of in-ring action since relinquishing the Universal Championship when he helped Seth Rollins stop Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Elias from beating up Dean Ambrose. The two briefly acknowledged Ambrose as they made their way back up the ramp, but the three didn't seem ready to hint any kind of Shield reunion.

Ambrose infamously turned heel the same night as Reigns' leukemia announcement, as he brutally attacked Rollins moments after the two closed out the show by winning back the Raw tag team championships. Over the next few weeks Ambrose would explain his heel turn was due to the guilt he felt over the "sins" he, Rollins and Reigns committed during their time as a group, and even went so far as to say Reigns was being punished for his sins with his cancer diagnosis.

A lackluster bout between Rollins and Ambrose at TLC combined with news that Ambrose was leaving the WWE in April quickly killed any momentum the former WWE Champion had going for him. However, in recent weeks Ambrose seems to have forgotten about his heel turn and has appeared friendly in interactions with Rollins.