Roman Reigns Talks Adjusting Back To The WWE Schedule, Staying Out Of The Title Picture

Since returning to WWE just prior to WrestleMania, Roman Reigns has stayed out of the WWE title picture.

This is a major change for a character that was seemingly always chasing down the company's top prize for the last couple of years. However, Reigns now finds himself embattled in a feud with the boss's son, Shane McMahon.

Reigns discussed his return in an exclusive interview with Newsweek and had some interesting comments on his return and why he's not currently focused on holding any championship gold.

"I'm just having fun, man. I'm just enjoying being able to create whether it's for a championship or whatever," Reigns said. "Getting to the top of the mountain, that's an awesome story to tell. But with every opportunity to tell a story with a different character I get to mix it up with I have an opportunity to create something new or make something original. I don't want to hit that same chord over and over, but it's neat because when you sit at home you think about a lot of stuff and it makes you think about the little things and just to be able to strap up my boots, get taped up, gear up, put the vest on, wet up and go out there those are the little things I'm going to be appreciative of.

"It's not really about the titles. I've been fortunate to tell that story and I'll love to tell it again if I'm needed in that situation, but what's cool is to be able to do different stuff. To be able to chop it up with Elias, an up and coming guy, being able to help different people and change it up a little bit is pretty cool."

While he was away for several months receiving cancer treatment, Reigns got used to life being off the road. Outside of a movie shoot in Hawaii alongside Dwayne Johnson, Roman got to spend more time at home with his family. How has he adapted to being back on the road, especially during the new era of the "Wild Card Rule?"

"I feel good, man. I feel blessed. To be able to go through this past month pretty slowly, it's an endurance war. European tour, television - this is my third television show this week - and I have plenty of other stuff going on this week. But to be where I'm at I really feel extremely fortunate, and it's cool. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little tired getting to the end of this week but it's been a hectic couple of weeks. It's been really nice to be back around so many of my loved ones and co-workers that I have a good relationship with. To be around them and to be present, it feels nice," Reigns said.


Following his recent feud with Drew McIntyre, Reigns now finds himself booked against Shane McMahon. While some fans might groan at another feud involving someone from the McMahon family, Reigns seems to be looking forward to it.

"I love it man. Shane is an authority figure but like I said Monday night he's a spoiled rich kid. He's out here trying to play with his dad's toys. It's funny to me, it's not being in there with Vince or with Stephanie he's a different character and we've all known that dude in high school. In your head you're just like "screw this guy." He may have thrown the party but he's the biggest douche in the room. That's what's cool, that character and we're able to do that and we're able to connect with that. But for me it's fun because I did this, I grinded for mine. The way I feed my children I clocked in every single day, I sacrificed and been away for a long time. So it's a completely different character that I'm going up against so I think that's cool," Reigns said.