Ronda Rousey Retains Title After Gutsy Win Over Sasha Banks at Royal Rumble

Sasha Banks put in an admirable effort, but in the end, Ronda Rousey was too good.Using her newly [...]

Sasha Banks put in an admirable effort, but in the end, Ronda Rousey was too good.

Using her newly named Piper's Pit finisher, Rousey was able to rid herself of Banks. However, Banks did test Rousey, looking to have the advantage on numerous occasions. But Rousey seemingly flipped a switch and the match was over.

After the match, it appeared like Rousey tried to have a moment with Banks, but it never came. Rousey went for another attempt at sportsmanship but was met with Banks throw her Four Horsewomen sign — a good indication that match is in the works.

Banks and Rousey's rivalry went from professional to full of resentment in only a few episodes of Raw. By the time the Rumble arrived, the pair of Superstars had crafted a pretty good build up that promised an intense match. While Banks was never likely to win, her getting this kind of spot against Rousey signals a fruitful 2019 for The Boss.

Especially considering how good the match actually was.

Rousey and Banks used psychology that would make Harley Race and Ric Flair proud as they each had to sell injuries for most of the match. Rousey paid homage to Eddie Guerrero with a trio of snap suplexes and Banks even gave a nod to Hulk Hogan when she bit the Raw Women's Champion hand while having her locked in an armbar.

It's hard to guess where WWE will take the Four Horsewoman storyline. It would make for a compelling road to WrestleMania, but don't expect to see the four-on-four match at WM35. Rousey, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair will all need their own big matches or may be tossing in a triple threat match of iconic proportions. Regardless, WWE wasn't to keep the Four Horsewomen subplot alive.