Ronda Rousey Ready to Postpone Family Plans for WWE Career

When Ronda Rousey got her WWE start earlier this year, she had no shortage of detractors. But [...]

When Ronda Rousey got her WWE start earlier this year, she had no shortage of detractors. But eight months into her new journey, even her strongest supporters may be surprised at her objectively remarkable success.

And that includes Rousey herself.

In an interview with ESPN, Rousey disclosed that she originally planned to take a break from WWE to have children. However, Rousey has fallen in love with her new hustle and is willing to push back her family plans to keep things running.

"I love this way more than I ever thought I would. We had a set timeline set, and now we aren't so sure about it because I love it so much," she said. "I guess that's the best thing that could've happened, that I would love it so much, it would be so hard to stop. I can see why people have a hard time leaving this industry because it's such a joy to be a part of every day."

News of Rousey's potential hiatus was bolstered by Ric Flair of all people when he was quoted in saying she'd be taking time off after WrestleMania 35. But apparently, that idea is on ice.

After just three televised matches Rousey is arguably WWE's biggest attraction. With SummerSlam just days away Rousey will meet Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's championship. Rousey is considered a heavy favorite to nab the title, especially after Bliss ruined her opportunity at Money in the Bank. SummerSlam has been built to be a cathartic moment for Rousey and WWE fans, but that doesn't guarantee her victory by any means.

Regardless of the result, Rousey time as a WWE Champion is inevitable. Despite her rapid climb up WWE's ladder, the former UFC Champion enjoys the fun behind professional wrestling — something the MMA world wouldn't allow.

"It's not like I'm juggling on a unicycle, on a balance beam like over a bed of knives, you know what I mean?" Rousey said. "I'm juggling on a unicycle that's in a bouncy house. If I fall off, I go right back up to the unicycle. It's fine. I don't die. I fall off," she said.

If Rousey has made any critical errors, the WWE Universe missed them all. Her matches at WrestleMania, MITB and most recently on Raw have only been met with applause. Rousey has a distinct ability to electrify the crowd, and each time she's been featured on WWE programming that buzz has been reproduced. She may not be champion yet, but Rousey is certainly WWE's most exciting Superstar.