Rusev Back on Twitch Following Temporary Ban

Earlier this week, Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev) proclaimed that he is done with wrestling and focusing his time on becoming a full time Twitch streamer. The former WWE star was released back in April, and although lots of fans are skeptical that we will truly never see him in back in the squared circle, he seems content at the moment in getting more immersed in the gaming culture and growing his Twitch channel.

"I'm done. I'm done, man. I'm just enjoying my Twitch. I'm a professional Twitcher, YouTuber, content creator...I'm not a wrestler anymore. Can I be your favorite streamer?" Rusev said during a stream earlier this week.

However, that growth hit a little bit of a road block late this week.

Rusev received a temporary ban for his Twitch channel, with users being redirected that the page no longer existed when trying to access his channel. While it wasn't specifically references why the channel was temporarily removed on the page, the belief was that it had to do with his wife (Lana) and a violation of Twitch's strict "Nudity and Attire" guidelines.

(Photo: Twitch)

Rusev had done a stream where Lana was visible in a bikini. Not long after, the ban happened. Rusev himself talked about this being the cause for the temporary ban.

"I was too sexy for Twitch. I learned my lesson. See y'all tomorrow," he wrote.


The implication was that the ban was temporary and he'd back, and in fact, Rusev has indeed returned to the platform today. You can check out his channel, now live once again, here. He has already posted his first video, titled "Back After Ban," for subscribers.

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