Rusev Returns on WWE Raw, Maria Kanellis Claims He's the Father of Her Unborn Child

Sporting his new mustache and a shredded new physique, Rusev made his surprise return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw this week during a segment involving Mike and Maria Kanellis. During backstage gender reveal party for Kanellis' unborn child, Maria claimed that Ricochet was the real father of her child. In a fit of rage, Mike challenged Ricochet to a match only to lose minutes later to a Recoil.


Maria then grabbed a microphone, saying that she was lying just to try and motivate Mike. She then said she was ready to introduce the real father, and suddenly Rusev's music hit. Mike tried to run, but the former United States Champion beat him up outside of the ring, then nailed him with a Matchka kick. He locked in the Accolade for the win.