Ryback Addresses His Status With The WWE

FeedMeMore.com Monday, August 8th #ThankYou #FeedMeMoreA video posted by Ryan Reeves [...]

FeedMeMore.com Monday, August 8th #ThankYou #FeedMeMore

A video posted by Ryan Reeves (@thebigguyryback22) on

Earlier this year, WWE Superstar Ryback seemed to disappear from television, reportedly due to some frustrations with the company and some sort of contract dispute.

That's been the status quo for months, but The Big Guy finally addressed his status with the biggest wrestling company in the world on his Instagram account, and it's what many had expected.

Ryback WWE
(Photo: WWE)

"The big guy Ryback would like to wish the WWE the best of luck in their future endeavours. From this point forward myself and the WWE will no longer be conducting business together. I would personally like to say thank you to all the WWE performers whom I've had the pleasure of being in the ring with."

While he will no longer be a part of the WWE, that doesn't mean he is slowing down. Later in the video, the wrestler gave an update on his other upcoming projects, which includes the August 8th debut of his new website (FeedMeMore.com), his motivational book, and the launch of his own nutritional supplements line. All that is in addition to announcing that he will be working a full-time wrestling schedule.

Even before the fallout, Ryback had hinted that he wasn't satisfied with his role in WWE or the overall product in general. In an interview with WrestlingInc.com, he expressed some frustration and even hinted he might have to seek other avenues.

"I've heard in this business hard work doesn't always pay off. So maybe The Big Guy has to go find another world where that does pay off. But you work really, really hard at something and you dedicate yourself, and you sometimes have to be told you're somewhere else. That's a tough pill to swallow time and time again but I've never stopped believing in myself and I never will. Next year should undoubtedly be a big year for The Big Guy."

He ended the post fittingly, saying "I would like to say thank you to everybody out there, and successful people are always hungry. What are you? FEED ME MORE!"