Sami Zayn Reveals Original Plans For His Role With The Bloodline

While they largely operate as an uber-serious stable, The Bloodline has enjoyed a shot of light-heartedness in recent weeks thanks to Sami Zayn. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion sought out the approval of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns shortly after being defeated by Johnny Knoxville at WWE WrestleMania 38 in April. Zayn continued to do the bidding of The Bloodline with little to no reward, specifically angering one Jey Uso. The dedication to the Tribal Chief eventually paid off, as Zayn was named the "Honorary Uce" last month.

Speaking on WWE Die Woche, Zayn revealed that his storyline involvement with The Bloodline "evolved" significantly from where it began.

"The whole thing actually evolved quite a bit from the initial idea. I love where we're at right now, I think a lot of fans are enjoying it," Zayn said (h/t Fightful). "I'm happy it went the way it did. The initial idea wasn't to necessarily join the Bloodline because I didn't think that was possible. It's the Bloodline, you have to be blood, right?"

Zayn noted that he was originally supposed to have an amicable relationship with the group rather than join them altogether.

"The idea was, I was calling myself the locker room leader at that time. Roman Reigns is the Head of Table," Zayn continued. "The idea would have been to have an on-screen relationship where I'm checking in with him, he's checking in with me, I can help him out when the time is right. That kind of thing. Then it just morphed and evolved into this."

Just as his initiation was not part of the original plans, Zayn teased that the future of The Bloodline will be just as unpredictable.

"It's been a collaborative process for sure with everyone involved. Everyone is really in their roles full steam ahead and that's what's making it work so well. Everyone is so committed to it," Zayn said. "And the fans, I see them predicting what's going to happen next every week and it's never quite what they think is going to happen. That's what I love. I love when it's semi-predictable, but it's not at all predictable."

Within the stable, Zayn has camaraderie with Jimmy Uso, a tension-filled bond with Jey, an admiration from Reigns, and a mutual respect with Solo Sikoa.

"It feels great, mainly because of the interaction we've gotten to have as of late," Zayn added. "The different relationships that I can have with the guys, not just being the original version where I'm on the outside as the locker room leader and I have this alliance with them, now that I'm actually in, I have a very different relationship with each one of them and I find that has been so much fun. That's been the highlight of all of it."

Sami Zayn battles Kofi Kingston in singles action tonight on WWE SmackDown.