Samoa Joe Leaves Door Open for Paul Heyman Partnership

As SummerSlam approaches we may be in the final days of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman's storied [...]

As SummerSlam approaches we may be in the final days of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman's storied partnership. And if they are destined to split, Samoa Joe may be interested in The Advocate's services.

During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Joe was asked about the potential of he and Heyman working together. While Joe hasn't forgotten the adversarial days of Great Balls of Fire, he's not willing to shut the door on a possibility.

"Paul already had his opportunity to cross that line and he missed his opportunity," Joe said. "Paul and I are businessmen and if circumstances change again and we reach a mutual understanding... we'll see what happens in the future."

Joe was asked about the messy situation at Raw, where Lesnar, Angle, and Heyman are involved in a mini-episode of Game of Thrones. But Joe has little sympathy for what's going on during Monday nights.

"What I believe is that Brock Lesnar won the championship and did not know that he would also have to face the character of Kurt Angle and now it is Paul Heyman who has to deal with that situation," Joe said.

Joe took a swipe at Raw roster by underlining that they don't have the star power to combat Lesnar.

"It's Raw's fault. What happened to him [Monday] night happened to him because there are no big competitors in the brand that can overshadow him. If I had been on Raw I would have given him his own medicine," he said.

For now, Joe's crosshairs are set on AJ Styles and the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. While his crack as Lesnar was a career high, winning WWE gold at SummerSlam would be a windfall moment for the 39-year old grappler. At the moment, it's hard to handicap Joe's chances in Brooklyn. WWE has proven on multiple occasions that they prefer AJ Styles as Champion, but Joe represents a legitimate threat to de-throne Styles.

However, in recent weeks an advertisement from Hell in a Cell's arena leaked that Joe and Styles would meet in a SummerSlam rematch in September. So regardless of what happens in Brooklyn, we're likely set for a sequel the following pay-per-view.

However, we'll guess that the saga ends with Joe taking the title. Styles as champions has been tremendous, but SmackDown could use a little parody in its main event. Styles could go on to face a surging Randy Orton while Joe could finish 2018 with, say, Daniel Bryan.