Seth Rollins Breaks His Silence After His Controversial Hell in a Cell Win Over Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins re-emerged on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon roughly 36 hours after his highly controversial match with Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell on Sunday night. By now you probably know the story — Rollins nailed Wyatt with his finisher nearly a dozen times and hit him with everything he could find under the ring yet couldn't keep the demonic entity down for a three count. He eventually resorted to using a sledgehammer, causing the referee to call for the bell because Rollins "went too far" with his attack. The result utterly enraged the crowd inside the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, as boos and chants for refunds rang throughout the arena to close out the show.

The reaction was just as bad on social media, with many saying WWE didn't know how to handle the match after "booking themselves into a corner" with a wildly popular yet underdeveloped character like Wyatt. Neither Rollins nor Wyatt appeared on Monday Night Raw this week (at least during the broadcast) and the match wasn't even mentioned on the show until midway through the third hour. Rollins seemed to embrace some of the backlash, punctuating his first post-match tweet with the hashtag "#SethRollinsisnotcool.

Wyatt popped up on Twitter a day earlier and had a bit of fun with how the match was received.

WWE originally announced a rematch between Rollins and Wyatt for Survivor Series in November, but the tweet was quickly deleted. Wyatt was reportedly not medically cleared for in-ring action on Monday night (beyond locking the Mandible Claw in on Cesaro), while Rollins is currently booked for a 10-man tag match at Crown Jewel as the team captain of Team Hogan.


Rollins has made quite a stir in recent months with his Twitter account, going on rants defending the WWE against critics. He briefly deleted the account in late September after a brief spat with Sasha Banks, who was feuding with his fiancee Becky Lynch at the time.

"This is a match I've been looking forward to as much as every other match you've ever had...aka, not at all," Rollins wrote in a fiery response after Banks mocked him for promoting a match with Rey Mysterio. "Luckily for me, you'll underdeliver like you always do and continue to wonder why you're not in more main events."

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