WWE Makes Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar Official for WrestleMania 35

Seth Rollins was supposed to end Raw with a bold declaration that he chose Brock Lesnar as his [...]

Seth Rollins was supposed to end Raw with a bold declaration that he chose Brock Lesnar as his WrestleMania opponent. Instead, Rollins was laid out by an F5 before he could ever make his announcement.

But after Raw, WWE seemed to make Rollins choice for him — he'll meet Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 for the Universal Championship.

Given how Raw ended, this isn't exactly a surprise. In what was looked to b a traditional segment where Lesnar and Rollins would go nose-to-nose, Rollins opted to jump the champ, which all but made his decision official. Rollins enthusiasm to fight got him flattened by Lesnar, but now we know that this is the match we'll be getting at WrestleMania 35.

While Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan would certainly be compelling, this is the bout we all need. With Roman Reigns being forced to take an indefinite leave, WWE has opened the search for its next big male Superstar. Rollins is at the top of the short list of wrestlers who could carry the company and it's time to see if he's up to the task.

While Lesnar's status as a WWE employee is perpetually ambiguous, it does look like he'll be taking a hiatus to pursue a blockbuster UFC fight. With Lesnar, Reigns, and John Cena all potentially gone by April, Rollins will be given the ball and plenty of room to run. However as we learned at WrestleMania 34, just because it looks like Lesnar is leaving, WWE happy to keep him as champion.

But even if Rollin's victory at WM35 isn't guaranteed, it's very likely. WWE had to install Lesnar as emergency champion due to Reigns' leukemia. This obviously was never the plan as Reigns' SummerSlam victory over Lesnar was to be the start of a new era in WWE. But once again we're marching to WrestleMania with Lesnar on top, waiting for someone to send him out of the company.

And right now, Rollins is unequivocally the best man to do it. 2018 was The Architect's finest year as a WWE Superstar as he established himself as the company's top babyface. Since his 2015 run as WWE Champion Rollins has endured some tough time. Injuries and lack of character direction made Rollins an arbitrary part of WWE, but the last three years have been a growing period of sorts and now Rollins is ready to lead the company.

Now the bigger question may lie with whether or not the Universal Championship should headline WrestleMania. However, based on Becky Lynch a Ronda Rousey's dueling raw promo, it may be near criminal for them not to close the show of shows. For several months, Rousey vs. Lynch has been in high demand and it looks like that rivalry is going to be a legendary one. While it feels like it's ready to main event 'Mania, WWE may opt for its top championship to go on last.