Seth Rollins Defeats Logan Paul at WWE WrestleMania 39, KSI Makes Wrestling Debut

There has been no love lost between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul over the past couple of months. The bad blood between the Visionary and the social media star began at WWE Royal Rumble, when Paul eliminated Rollins from the multi-man battle royal. From there, Rollins went on to bash Paul in numerous interviews, criticizing him for leaching off the professional wrestling industry. Paul responded to Rollins's taunts by costing him the WWE United States Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber this past February, officially setting the two on a collision course that would culminate at WWE WrestleMania 39.

Rollins and Paul both arrived to the ring in grand fashion, as a choir sang the chorus of Seth's team while Logan zip-lined from the rafters down to the ramp.

The two kicked off the contest at a relatively moderate pace, with each trying to one-up each other early. Paul got the upper hand after landing his version of the buckshot lariat, combining the springboard clothesline with a standing shooting star press, but all was only good for a two count. Paul turned his attack to the ground, locking Rollins in a submission before the two engaged in fisticuffs once more. Paul once again swung momentum in his favor, leading to color commentator Corey Graves to mention how he's shocked at how much Paul has been in control.

Rollins took things back in his favor after Paul missed an accelerated best moonsault ever. The former WWE Champion landed a trio of suicide dives to the outside, celebrating with the fans at ringside before stomping Paul's hand on the steel steps. This led the two men to take things back into the ring. Rollins went for a pedigree but Paul countered, and after some back and forth, Paul landed his patented punch. Rollins kicks out at two.

Rollins caught Paul going for a huricanrana and countered it into a powerbomb, good for only a two count. As Rollins was measuring Paul for a stomp, the costumed Prime bottle pulled Paul out of the ring, who revealed himself to be YouTuber KSI. Paul then positioned himself for a frog splash from the top through the announce table onto Rollins, but Rollins pulled KSI into his place at the last second, leading to Paul landing the maneuver on his Prime business partner.

Things resumed in the ring, with Rollins hitting a pedigree for another two count. Paul countered a stomp into a go to sleep, which he coupled with a frog splash, but Rollins kicked out once more. Paul went for a coast-to-coast but got caught with a superkick, and Rollins rode that momentum to a stomp and a 1-2-3. 

Paul's WWE future following this match is unclear. As he revealed earlier this week, his WWE contract expires today, April 1st, but he fully expects WWE to renew the deal.

"I was contracted for a year to do two WrestleManias and, I think, five events," Paul said. "My life moves so fast and I don't know what my stock will be in a year, and so it seems a little irresponsible to sign anything longer than year-long contracts. Last year, at this time, I had no idea I was gonna be a full-time, or even like, almost full-time wrestler, as like a staple of my career. And now I am. I mean, let's be honest, they're gonna f--king renew my contract. I feel like it's unlikely [that this is it for me]. I'm a good employee. I do [want to renew]. I think it's very good for me."

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