The Rock's Daughter Simone Johnson to Undergo Third Knee Surgery

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter, Simone Johnson, will soon be undergoing her third knee surgery. Earlier this year it was announced that Simone Johnson had officially signed with the WWE Performance Center to begin her training to become a WWE Superstar. Last year, Johnson revealed that she was able to begin her training at the center as young as 16, and even noted how she had knee problems that ultimately led to her decision to sign with the company. Taking to Twitter, Johnson confirmed that she will be having her third knee surgery on Monday, September 14th.

As Simone Johnson revealed to fans, the surgery is to deal with the fact that her knees continue to pop out of place, "so tomorrow i’m having knee surgery for the third time. as not fun as surgery is, i’m looking forward to my knees not popping out anymore[.] [T]hat said, please send me video games suggestions, movie suggestions (preferably scary) or anything else to help pass the time."

When Johnson first signed, she opened up about the pressure of following in the footsteps of such a prestige wrestling family (as she will become a fourth-generation wrestler behind her grandfather Rocky Johnson, and her great grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia upon her TV debut), "I just have to remind myself, that pressure only exists when I start comparing myself to my parents," she said. "... this idea that I want to keep getting into my head is that I'm not my parents. No one is their parents. And Individuality is a gift and I just have to keep remind myself of that, that no matter what pressure, not matter what circumstances, no matter what comparisons are, I love my parents so much. I'm so proud of everything that they've done, but I am my own person. And I just have to remind myself of that, no matter what the circumstances are."

By the nature of Johnson's tweet, the knee surgery will take her out of action for a while but luckily does not sound like the kind of invasive surgery that would stop a career before it begins. At the very least, she will be that much better off when she eventually makes her grand WWE debut.