Stephanie McMahon Discusses Potentially Competing at Evolution

When Stephanie McMahon officially announced WWE's first ever women's pay-per-view, Evolution, she said that over 50 women would be involved. And that may include herself.

In an interview with Sky Sports, McMahon seemed open to the idea of making an in-ring appearance at the October 28 event.

"That's yet to be determined, we want to make sure our superstars really get the spotlight they deserve but if it makes sense then absolutely. But that's yet to be determined," she said.

WWE has left plenty of room on the Evolution card as only three matches have been announced. So while there may not be a logical spot for McMahon at the moment, by the time October arrives she could be an integral part of the show.

As one of the best villains in all of WWE, McMahon would but quite useful on the card. That doesn't mean she has to wrestle, but it's fair to expect her to be involved with one of the more prominent storylines. while much of the night will be about empowering women, since it's still professional wrestling we'll need a few antagonists. It's not hard to imagine Evil Stephanie showing up to complicate things for probable Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey.

During the interview, McMahon also addressed a few o the rumors surrounding the Evolution show, mainly the introduction of Women' Tag Team championship.s

"Not quite yet but that's absolutely something we've heard loud and clear from our fan base and it's something we're keen on implementing as soon as we are able to."

The women's tag titles have been rumored for nearly a year. McMahon was nowhere near denying their creation and It's safe to assume we'll see them sooner rather than later.

McMahon went on to discuss the future of women in WWE.

"They will continue to be the incredible women that they are today. When you think about our women - not only are they athletes, actors, they're philanthropists, public speakers, they're out engaging in corporate activities, they're out there performing in front of thousands and thousands of people live and millions of people around the world," she said.


"They're traveling internationally, they're constantly on the road, they're doing reality tv, films, they are doing all of these incredible things. They are multitalented, strong, intelligent strong beautiful women. Their beauty on the inside and their strength is what shines through on the outside and I think you're only going to continue to see that grow as our women become role models for more and more girls and women, and boys, around the world," she said.