The Rock Endorses a Current WWE Raw Star as a Future World Champion

WWE's Montez Ford is known as a huge fan of The Rock, and you can't blame him really, as The Rock is one of the biggest legends in professional wrestling. Ford talked about the Rock a bit on the latest episode of Ryan Satin's Out of Character, revealing that he would even write his Ks like Rock's signature and that Rock was a huge inspiration for him. The Rock saw Ford's comments and responded in pure Rock fashion, finishing it out by saying that when Ford becomes World Champion he will be there rooting him on.

First here is what Ford initially said. "The Rock, I was already hooked, but in school I would write my Ks how he would sign his name. Style, dress, electrifying. Everything he says he is. Just how he is as a person as well," Ford said. "A huge inspiration to myself, my family, getting us through so many hard and rough times going through personally. That's why I hold true and dear the Rock to my heart."

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The Rock responded on Instagram, and you can find his comments below (and the original post above).

"Just taking a moment to tell this man @montezfordwwe how much I appreciate his kind and beautiful words -------- --

We've never shared the ring together, but pro wrestlers all have a very special bond.

Pro wrestling is a very unique, intense and wild culture that's not for everybody.
When you love the wrestling business, you become very respectful about the wrestling business.
And when you're respectful about the wrestling business, you become PASSIONATE about the wrestling business.
It seeps deep into your DNA.

Fans can always sense who's passionate inside that squared circle ~ and who's not.

This man is passionate.
We share that DNA.
(And he flys like the Superfly ----)

Keep kicking ass brother and give my love to your family.

And when you become world champion one day, I'll be right there rooting ya on"

Ford is immensely talented, and a World Champion run seems to definitely be in his future, so we can't wait to see The Rock congratulating him when he finally holds up that Championship gold.

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