Triple H Makes Major Changes for WWE Superstars

World Wrestling Entertainment is in a new era. Just days after Vince McMahon retired from the company, it was announced that Paul "Triple H" Levesque would be taking over all responsibilities related to WWE creative. Considering how well both fans and talent alike embraced The Game's NXT, many entered this new regime with not just optimism, but high expectations. While no drastic alterations have been made just yet, Triple H has begun to make minor changes that have been reflected on recent episodes of Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night Raw. PWInsider reports that talent have been given the freedom to speak more freely during promos, and have been allowed to improvise in the ring. 

The latter was especially apparent on last Friday's SmackDown, as a "sizable portion" of Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre was called in the ring. In the past, "every single spot" would be planned ahead of time.

The report continues with major updates across the WWE's landscape. NXT producer Jeremy Borash, a key member of Triple H's creative team, was present for "all" of WWE's big events over SummerSlam weekend.

"Jeremy Borash specials are across the board in NXT," Triple H said of Borash's fingerprints being on past NXT storylines. "Just sometimes you don't realize maybe there Jeremy Borash specials. I go back all the way to the Tian Sha stuff from the very beginning with the origin stories and everything else across the board, a big part of that, Jeremy, and creatively. We all work on it together. NXT is a very collaborative effort."

Some of Borash's biggest contributions to the WWE have been with cinematic matches, specifically working on The Undertaker and Aj Styles's Boneyard Match.


"Jeremy is an incredible talent with an eye for storytelling," Triple H said. "I can't tell you how much I love working with him but there was a whole team of people that worked on that as well."

Looking towards WWE's YouTube programming, PWInsider reports that The Street Profits are no longer scheduled for WWE's The Bump, as NBA star and WWE hopeful Dwight Howard is currently the only scheduled guest. Later in the week on NXT UK, NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura will face Sarray, Oliver Carter squares off against Rohan Raja, and NXT's Andre Chase will appear. Friday will see Peacock premiere This is Awesome, with the debut episode focusing on the most awesome WWE superstar entrances.