The Undertaker Not Currently in WWE's Plans for WrestleMania 35

The Undertaker hasn't missed a WrestleMania in 19 years. But as of this moment, he'll have the [...]

The Undertaker hasn't missed a WrestleMania in 19 years. But as of this moment, he'll have the night off for WrestleMania 35.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writes that "top of the card for WrestleMania does not include an Undertaker match." While a lot can change between now and April, 7, this would be the just third 'Mania The Undertaker missed in his legendary 28-year career.

The idea of 'Taker being left off of WM35's card isn't that crazy of a notion, especially considering he'll be 54 at the time of the event. However, 2018 saw The Deadman carry his busiest wrestling schedule in recent years as he participated at WrestleMania 34, The Greatest Royal Rumble, Super Show-Down, Crown Jewel and a WWE Live Event. With him being relatively active, you'd think that he'd be eyeing one last WrestleMania moment.

The Undertaker is rumored to headline WWE 2019 class of Hall of Famers, he still could be an important part of WrestleMania weekend. However, don't be surprised if WWE finds a way to get him a 'Mania match.

Of course, Taker's steady diet of matches in 2018 was never supposed to happen. After losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, it looked like The Deadman had officially retired. Even more, Taker leaving the sport looked necessary as the battered legend was all too brittle in his match with Reigns. It seemed Taker was done, and we were all OK with it.

"They say fighters can grow old in one fight, so hopefully this isn't that fight," Taker said in a WWE documentary before WM33. "Dealing with the numerous injuries that I work around, I'm not prepared physically as well as I could. That's kind of the big issue, just making sure there's always enough gas in the tank. One of my biggest fears is kind of becoming a parody of myself. They happen to buy a ticket to see Undertaker wrestle, they should get the best Undertaker I can give them. You always wonder when you walk into the dressing room, 'oh, here comes the old guy again.' Yeah, just an old guy who's not afraid to put a size 15 [shoe] up your ass if you get out of line."

However, about this time last year, John Cena began lobbying for a 'Mania match with The Deadman. After weeks of pleading, Cena sat in the crowd for WrestleMania 34, hoping that Taker would answer his call. He did, and Cena was Tombstoned and pinned within only a few short minutes.

While Taker certainly looked better in 2018, no one is clamoring to see him wrestle again. Even though he is universally beloved, there's just not much reason for him to still compete at this time. If he wants one last WrestleMania to send off, then no one could deny his right, but if we haven't seen it already, Taker's next match will likely be his final one.