The Usos Retain WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles in Thrilling Match vs Brawling Brutes on SmackDown

The main event for tonight's WWE SmackDown was going to be a thrilling affair for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships between The Usos and the Brawling Brutes. Butch and Ridge Holland would be taking on Jey and Jimmy Uso, and what followed was a fantastic match between two superb Tag Teams. It looked like The Brutes would end up taking it despite attempted interference by Sami Zayn, but then Imperium would come down and leave the Brutes leveled, and that allowed The Usos to knock them out and retain their Tag Team Championships.

Butch was in first and went right at Jey, and then he tripped Jey up and put his foot on Jey's neck, and started wrecking Jey's fingers. Holland was in next and kept up the attack on Jey, and they kept him isolated from Jimmy. Then the Brutes delivered strikes to Jimmy's chest and knocked him off the ring apron and to the ground.

Jey did come back swinging and ended up turning the tables on Butch and Holland, and slammed Butch into the barricade while Zayn celebrated a bit. Jimmy would get in the ring and take it to Butch, and while it was enough for a near fall, Butch would find the will to kick out. Jey would knock Butch out of the ring and Zayn would try to help but the referee would almost catch him, and that led to a fight between Jey and Sami.

Jey would get after Sami a bit more but then he got kicked in the side of the head. He would get to the corner and tag in Jimmy and then Jimmy was vulnerable but he kicked out of a pin and just survived a pin attempt from Butch. Butch would launch off the apron and send Jimmy to the floor.

Then Butch double-stomped on Jey's hands and went for a pin but Jey kicked out. There was some confusion on who was legal, but Jey was the legal man and was almost pinned. Butch stomped on Jey's ankles and then went for Jey but got lit up with a kick by Jimmy and Jey and then they superkicked Holland off the ring apron. Butch kept them away for a minute but The Usos caught Butch's moonsault with superkicks and went for the pin, and somehow Butch kicked out.

Butch was slammed down and then he went for the tag, but Jey cut him off only to have his fingers snapped. Jimmy got the tag and he kicked Holland and then they went for a twin superkick but Holland lifted them both and slammed them down. Butch kicked Jimmy and went for the pin but Jey broke it up. Zayn then grabbed a steel chair but Sheamus took it from him and chased him. Then Solo Sikoa got in his way but Imperial came down and attacked Sheamus, which drew out Holland and Butch. They were attacked by The Usos and then they hit the 1D on Butch, giving them the win.

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