Watch: Former WWE Superstar Confirmed for Marvel's She-Hulk in First Trailer

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are buzzing at the moment thanks to the first trailer for She-Hulk's new Disney+ series, but it also contained a surprise for wrestling fans. That's because at one point Tatiana Maslaney's Jennifer Walters is seen going on several dates, and one of her dates is none other than former WWE Superstar David Otunga. Otunga would confirm his role in the show on Twitter, and you'll be able to watch Otunga make his She-Hulk series debut when the show launches on Disney+ on August 17th.

We see a quick montage of several dates, and when it gets to Otunga, he's showing off his biceps at the table. Not sure how She-Hulk reacts to this, but we do see her hit it off with someone else in the moment right after, and that ends with a hilarious scene where she is picking him up in the living room.

(Photo: Marvel)

Otunga was part of WWE from 2010 to 2017 in a multitude of roles, starting with his time in the ring as part of NXT. There he was a member of the powerhouse group The Nexus alongside Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater. Later the group would call John Cena, Husky Harris (Bray Wyatt), and CM Punk members, though Punk stepped in as the new leader when he joined. They would eventually move to Monday Night Raw, but their time together would come to an end in 2011.

He would go on to take on Randy Orton in a memorable Miracle on 34th Street Fight match and then jumped into commentary and worked kick-off shows before leaving WWE in 2017. Since then he's appeared in shows like Criminal Minds and movies like A Madea Family Funeral, and now he's making his first appearance in the Marvel Universe. You can find the rumored description for She-Hulk below.

"This new comedy series sees Bruce Banner help his cousin, Jennifer Walters, when she needs an emergency blood transfusion and guess what? She receives his powers too. Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer, who is a lawyer specializing in superhuman-oriented legal cases. Mark Ruffalo is back as the Hulk alongside Tim Roth, who plays the Abomination."

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