Watch: Legos Used As Weapon During WWE SmackDown Match

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to weapons used in a WWE match, we got a new one during Friday night's WWE SmackDown: Legos.

In a tag team match pitting Heavy Machinery against The Revival, Otis pulled out a bag from under the ring. He proceeded to pour the bag on the ring canvas in the way that typically is reserved for thumbtacks. However, it was hundreds of Legos that came falling out of the bag.

Check out the footage below.

It was a big night for Otis this week on SmackDown. Outside of the aforementioned tag team match, he also had an interaction with Mandy Rose backstage that left he and the rest of the WWE Universe stunned.

Rose revealed that she had drawn Otis' name in the SmackDown Secret Santa game. She proceeded to give him a ham as a present and followed that up with a kiss on the cheek.


WWE has been playing up the fact that Otis has had a fixation with Mandy Rose now for several weeks.

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