WWE's Alexa Bliss Blasts Wrestling YouTuber for Crass Criticism

WWE's Alexa Bliss took to Twitter on Monday morning to respond to recent criticisms made by wrestling YouTuber @JDFromNY206. The reigning Women's Tag Team Champion retweeted a clip from one of his recent videos, in which he compared her wrestling ability to her performance in bed. Bliss responded by writing, "Normally I ignore his ignorance Bc all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me... but ex freaking scuse me sir??? ... HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way."

You can see the clip in question below.

Several fellow wrestlers then spoke out.

The YouTuber then tried to defend himself on his Twitter account.


By noon Bliss was trending on Twitter, as many fans took to her side.

On this past week's Raw, Bliss and tag partner Nikki Cross successfully retained their tag titles in a match against The IIconics.

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