Andrew Yang Doubles Down on WWE's Cameo and Twitch Policy

WWE got some backlash after revealing a new policy involving third-party platforms, and though it's clarified that policy a bit, there are still many who aren't fans of WWE creating the policy in the first place. For those who don't know, WWE issued a policy to talent that said they had 30 days to stop using third-party platforms like Twitch and Cameo, though since then it has come to light that Twitch will likely be fine as long as you don't use your WWE wrestling name. Andrew Yang was one of the people who took issue with the policy, and during a new interview with Chris Van Vliet he doubled down on his stance, calling the whole thing ridiculous and wrong.

"I actually got a message from someone who is a part of the WWE pointing out to me the story about how WWE was saying hey don't go on Cameo or Twitch, and it infuriated me because I know the WWE has been trying to play it both ways for years where they are saying, on one hand, you can't do anything without our say so, we own you, but you're an independent contractor and we have nothing to do with your health, retirement, any of the benefits you get that would accrue to an employee," Yang said.

"So to me you have to make a choice at some point," Yang said. "If you're going to control all these aspects of a wrestler and performer's waking life, then you should take some responsibility too for that person bigger picture. Maybe like if they have a kid maybe they get some maternity/paternity leave. You know maybe they get an offseason, maybe they get recovery time. And I say this as someone who has been a long time fan of the sport."

Yang went onto say that this is a battle he's fought against UFC as well and says he could be in a place to do something about it at some point down the line.

"They're putting their lives on the line, or their health on the line, their family life on the line all the time," Yang said. "They made Vince a billionaire, and then the fact that he's still being so heavy-handed about their ability to make a simple buck on Cameo struck me as so absurd and ridiculous and wrong. And I've been on the side of MMA fighters who are in the similar boat frankly with UFC and Dana White, and because I got this note from this performer I said you know it's past time that someone calls Vince out for this, particularly because if Joe and Kamala win I might be in a position to do something about it."

You can read WWE's statement on the matter and the policy below.


"Much like Disney and Warner Bros., WWE creates, promotes and invests in its intellectual property, i.e. the stage names of performers like The Fiend Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Big E and Braun Strowman," WWE's statement on the policy over the weekend read. "It is the control and exploitation of these characters that allows WWE to drive revenue, which in turn enables the company to compensate performers at the highest levels in the sports entertainment industry. Notwithstanding the contractual language, it is imperative for the success of our company to protect our greatest assets and establish partnerships with third parties on a companywide basis, rather than at the individual level, which as a result will provide more value for all involved."

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