Paul Heyman Keeps Teasing Apollo Crews Joining Roman Reigns' Faction

Apollo Crews might be on his way to joining Roman Reigns' faction. Two weeks back Crews was a guest on Talking Smack, where Paul Heyman criticized Crews' behavior by allowing his Intercontinental Championship match with Big E to restart after it initially ended in a double pin. That was followed up on this week's SmackDown where Crews was shown speaking with Reigns backstage, indicating he might be forming an alliance with "The Tribal Chief." Over on Instagram Reigns' "Special Counsel" has continued to stoke the flames of speculation, posting his interview with Crews while writing it would be a "pivotal moment" in Crews' career.

"I have always believed in the abilities of @apollowwe," Heyman wrote I am happy #TalkingSmack provided a forum from which I could look this man in the eye and let him know the only thing holding him back from greatness was his humility and respect for others. What the cameras captured may be a pivotal moment in Apollo's career. I certainly hope so. He's got so much to offer the Island of Relevancy!"

He then posted fan art to his story on Tuesday of Crews kissing Reigns' ring, channeling a scene from The Godfather. The Universal Champion then reposted the same photo.

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In an interview with ComicBook earlier in the month, Crews talked about bringing his different skills to the forefront in 2021.

"I feel like with the promos and stuff like that, that is something that I've been working on very hard. I want to be more entertaining," Crews said. "I don't want to just be this guy who comes in the ring with some nice pair of tights and does some cool moves. You know what I mean? I feel like that entertainment part is a huge part of this business and it's a huge part of having people, fans. Or, it helps with fans being able to relate to you. That's what people really gravitate towards, is when they see who you are as a character. So I feel like that's something that is very important for me to work on and for me to build a bigger fan base and for people to want to see me do better. That character work is so, so important, and that's something that I've been actually focusing on a lot. That's one thing that I'd love to be able to show more in 2021, is that side."


"That's one of the things that I realized later where at first it was like, 'Okay, I need to be disciplined in the ring. It's in the ring, in the ring, in the ring.' And then I realized, 'Okay, that is not something that I should worry about too much. I need to worry about this other part of it, the entertainment part and show people who I am as a character," he continued. "So that to me is important this year, to be able to get out there."

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